The Kitchen Cube-Affiliate Information Page

The Kitchen Cube-Affiliate Information Page

We are gratified to have you landed on the affiliate program page of our website. The Kitchen Cube is brought to you by a group of entrepreneurs with a vision to give shape to one of the most in-demand gadgets of the kitchen. By understanding the importance and benefits of referral marketing, we are always on the lookout for efficient and top-tiered affiliate marketing partners. The strength of our products being but a single item, we provide a much detailed material that can be linked onto your websites for publicity and commissions.


How Our Affiliate Program Works

We take the concept of affiliate marketing very seriously at The Kitchen Cube. Pursuing quality compels our experts to run a thorough check of your website once you applied for the affiliate marketing program in which they take account of the content posted, the regularity and quality of it, and the traffic it drives regularly.

Once our experts are through with the functionality of your website, you will be granted all the necessary information and stock that has product descriptions and excellent feeds to complement your content when posted. As much as the affiliate marketing benefits us by driving in more sales, we offer you an equal opportunity of making commissions from each sale that you drive to our website through prolonged cookie duration.


Why Us?

We are a group of entrepreneurs in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that have long surveyed the trend of demands of measuring devices for kitchen use. Upon encountering the model of the cube that has in production today, which had more than 20,000 downloads for a 3-D printer, we decided to make the model a reality.

The Kitchen Cube in production today is a compact measuring unit that has various measuring spaces confined into the regularity of a cube. This eliminates the trouble of having to lose an important one out of the set and the need for getting a new one altogether.

Other than detailed market research for the trends of demand and meeting them in tranquility, we offer a favorable and competitive commission of 15% per sale. The details of our affiliate program are as following:

  • The Commission: 15% per sale diverted.
  • Tracking Details: We offer the tracking of a sale to be valid for up to 90 days.
  • Payment Frequency: The frequency of payment is discussed upon the closing of the deal.


How You Can Get Started

You can get started as soon as you apply for the review of your website by our team of experts. The analysis of the data on your affiliate website and the confirmation by our management takes no more than 5 working days at maximum.

Once your website has been approved, you will be provided with the benefit of having discussions about the content you will be posting from our in-house content management team that will provide you with the guidelines and many creative directions to go in. After this, you are all set to go and ready for driving all the sales that you can to get your cut of commission as promised.

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